Kissanime Alternatives: Top 8 Websites Like Kissanime in 2020

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KissAnime-I doesn’t even recall what I had done with my life to kill time until I started watching anime. I am a brilliant anime watcher (and a geek too), so I have seen several issues with anime streaming sites. When I say you’ll find the best anime, trust me, you will.

Disclaimer: I’m not going to speak about Crunchyroll here.

Some criteria which a good anime site should accommodate

  • Good Servers for hosting the content (no downtime!)
  • Should have all of the popular and if possible non-popular anime titles
  • A good User interface (I prefer Minimalism with all the core features, ignoring all the bs)
  • No ads sorry, Fewer ADS and popups. Running servers need money, people. As if we are donating for their expenses.
  • Good Streaming quality.

No advertisements sorry, Fewer ADS and popups. Running servers require money, people. As if we’re donating for their own expenses.

That’s what we will need to make a fantastic anime streaming website. However, these following attributes take satisfaction to another level.

As we set some criteria for our Anime websites, we’ll look at some perfect anime streaming websites.

Before anything, I’d really like to shout out to Anime program for android. The best program for watching anime on your own Android apparatus (sorry iPhone users)

Some of the Essential Features of this Kissanime Are

  • Track your anime progress with synced MAL account
  • Cast anime to a bigger display using Chromecast
  • Add anime to wishlists to watch later, Categorize the anime with tags like
  • Watching
  • Plan to watch
  • Completed
  • Get anime recommendations from people who already watched them
  • Keep a track when your favourite anime episode or season is airing in the future with Anyme App Calendar
  • Change the look and feel of the app by customizing
  • App colour theme
  • Navigation in grid or columns etc.
  • Search and navigate through anime based on your previous anime
  • You also can Improve your MAL account by cleaning up the unrated anime

Know more and Download the app here: Anyme app

Notice: These are my personal favourites, which I’ve used previously or currently using. So I may not incorporate all your tastes and some exceptional streaming websites out there. I’ll add them if they’re right.

As most of us know, KissAnime is among the biggest Anime title repositories. It’s most of if not all the anime you will ever get advocated. Hardly any websites come close to the large number of anime titles. One such location is 9anime.

KissAnime Famous Categories

KissAnime has multiple genres and an advanced search option where you need to place the title of the anime. The interface is friendly and the website is regularly updated with new series.

Some of the famous KissAnime categories are:

All Categories on KissAnime
Romance Supernatural
Comedy Magic
Fighting Space
War based Cartoons
Adventure Cars
Thriller Fantasy
Vampire Parody
Sci-fi Psychological
Horror Martial Arts

Best Websites Like Kissanime 

 1  9anime

The striking critical features of this website are (can make a record on just this one, so mentioning significant features only.

  • Very responsive and distinctive manner of displaying anime.
  • Multiple servers, mostly 4+ servers to choose from. Some popular anime also has 6 servers.
  • THE AUTO-PLAY FEATURE. This one is a no-brainer for me, most nobly when binge-watching a never-ending anime like Naruto, Hunter x Hunter and others
  • Anime Calendar and scheduling. If you are pretty serious about your anime then this feature is for you. Visit the schedule
  • Ever updating Homepage with upcoming anime episodes.
  • A diverse range of genres. Both popular and non-popular.
  • Relatively better contact support for broken links, and requesting anime.

The listing doesn’t here. When KissAnime(my very first anime website ) was on the brink of falling, this helped me.

 2  GogoAnime

This is also a fantastic alternative for KissAnime. I recall when KissAnime was about the host decline, they gave a statement in which they stated that GogoAnime is another trusted source for streaming anime.

The manner GogoAnime functions is also like 9anime, with a small difference in upload times. At least from what I have noticed, they upload 5–20 min later than 9anime (for Men and Women who rant on websites to turn the time a bit faster)

They have a high number of choices when it comes to servers, for nearly all anime episodes there are seven servers to pick from.

 3  AnimeHeaven

I was watching Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 on this website just prior to the writing of the report.

AnimeHeaven is only minimalistic in every way you see it. It is underrated because of its quality, which is one reason I like it.

Because when a website becomes too popular, they tend to get negative attention which 9anime and KissAnime got previously.

  • They have more than 8 servers from Europe and the United States.
  • No pop-ups from external video servers. They use their own customized player(which is cool BTW!)
  • Episodes choosing page is really simple and helpful for saving that extra time scrolling.
  • It has a dark theme that can really help your eyes from getting strained while watching in dark.

The only reason to place it in this position is that of the anime directory. 1 thing, their anime series isn’t small (likely there are worse that has so much fame ) but you may not find some unpopular and old anime, but it’s all-new anime to provide.

 4  Masteranime


Masteranime is an exceptional website for streaming anime; the only flaw it has its own organization. I am not saying its unorganized but to compete with high websites. You should not have a flaw with your design.

It’s super-fast, and most videos do not buffer at all after beginning.
As soon as you start an anime, there are no distractions to observe the rest of the episodes.

The problem I mentioned about this website is, unlike other websites they only demonstrate some of the continuing anime and they also don’t display other anime in their sidebar (actually there is no sidebar). Besides that its good.

I would also suggest some of those anime sites are always uploading new and excellent content.

 5  Horrible Subs

If you are into downloading your favorite anime like me, then this is for you. In case you’ve watched anime for long enough, you may have heard about Horrible Subs. They supply subtitles to first rips from Crunchyroll and Funimation.

Overall Horrible Subs are best in the company. They utilize Torrent files to download batches or groups of information such as a complete season or a few seasons, unlike other streaming sites which drives me mad when I wish to download an anime that’s freaking long.

 6  Funimation

I never have to try it once, due to regional blocking, which can be enabled on the website because of licensing problems in my country. (My nation and Anime do not mix very well.)

Nonetheless, it is among the best choices if its available in your area. Just check by going to the page.

 7  AnimeLab

That is another treasure I never got to try. When you go to this site, you’ll be advised that this is only available for Australia and New Zealand (obtained Id recheck my strategies overseas ). However, this is a free and legal anime streaming website.

I don’t understand how that does it, but they do. Congrats on Australia with this one.

 8  Daisuki

This was a legal anime streaming website until I barely knew anything about anime. I watched One Punch Man on This Website. All I recall was that its servers are extraordinary. It puts premium Crunchyroll to pity.

But because of licensing or any undisclosed reason they got closed down.

Btw Crunchyroll is an exceptional option for those who wish to watch anime legally, but they’re — for so many thoughts, and it takes an entirely new article.

Is KissAnime safe to use?

Yes, if you use an app to block ads, otherwise it ’s like a pirated website, it ’s safe.

KissAnime is the best anime to watch cartoons and your favourite anime. It is best because it is available in HD and English, and the dubbing is very easy to understand.

Kissanime is free and we don’t need to pay anything to use Kissanime. Just like the centre of the website, we can find all websites related to anime, and we can enjoy the anime we want to watch or watch.

Kissanime is very safe. There is no risk of using it. KissAnime’s original website is virus-free and malware-free. Some hackers and spammers have copied the same data and made websites like it.

Therefore, beware of hackers and try not to use sites other than the original unsafe site.

Always try to use the original website to keep yourself safe, because unique websites are very reliable for anime. For more information, visit our article and get all the information about KissAnime.

However, if you access or watch the content you need through the official website, the website is 100% secure and can be safely streamed.

On the other hand, some websites are just mirrored images of traditional websites. Therefore, I recommend staying away from such things. Because you never know when your PC is hacked and what it means.

Without a doubt, the Kissanime website is the best of all anime streaming websites. You can watch all the cartoon shows and episodes you want for free.

You can also choose to watch anime in English with subtitles and dubbing. In addition, the official website provides you with all HD videos.

The site has a mobile-friendly interface, and if you want to have an ad-free session, you must register through the site.

Is Sign Up and Creating Account Is The Prime Requirement

A standard question everybody asks about KissAnime is if it is crucial to make an account to use this webpage. The solution is no. You don’t need to make an account to watch movies. Once registered, you can manage your favourite videos.

It is possible to create folders to record all the different series you’ve seen, or you want to watch. You can email friends and family.

It is better to register in and create an account since you’ll be notified by email when your favourite string is updated. Alternatively, you might even comment on the video and participate in the talks.

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