Easy Method:How To compress Video Without Losing Quality

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How to compress video-You just recorded a beautiful video from a mobile device or camcorder. You want to share these video files with your friends or family, but you are far away from home.

Or if you want to do freelance work on client projects, such as video editing, files, etc., you must send this data to the client.

After attaching the file and clicking send, your email system will not allow you to send the video.

It indicates that the file is too large to send. This is because your video files are large.

To send a larger video file, compress the video file to a smaller size

So basically, in this article, we will learn how to compress a video without losing its quality.

First, we understand some basics about video compression

What does Video Compression mean?

Video compression is only cutting down the size of their video files, without sacrificing too much quality of the original video.

To compress a video file, you must know about video resolution, video formats, various codecs, etc..

Video compression may be achieved either by changing the resolution or only by changing the codec ( transcode).

How to send or Upload Huge Video File

Email, Whatsapp, Facebook In these types of platform you can send data of maximum file size of 100 mb then it’s ok.

But you have to share 1 GB, 2GB, 3GB File what you will do, So here We are going here alternative method.

So what is alternative method alternative is to use an online storage service like Google Drive, Dropbox 

But they limit you to the amount of space you can have unless you pay for it. But here we are not going to pay any amount of money.

Here we are going to compress video file from 1GB to 200 to 300mb its depend upon on your video file which you are going to squeeze.

IMPORTANT: Before You Proceed Further
After compressing video file upload it on google drive .when uploading will be completed they will give a link copy that link and share that link to family and friend on WhatsApp and Facebook.

Whey anyone clicks on your share link they will able to download your file without any problem.

Everything which I have told you in the above article you understood. Let’s Move on How to compress video.

Simple Method To compress a video file without losing its quality

Method 1-Using Handbrake Software

Step 1)   Download and install Handbrake. Go to https://handbrake.fr/downloads.php in your web browser and click the Download link below your computer’s operating system, then install Handbrake by doing the following:

  • Double-click the Handbrake setup file, then follow the on-screen installation instructions.
  • This software is for both macOS and Windows

Step 2) Open Handbrake. After installation completed app icon resembles a pineapple next to a drink on your screen. Double click on that and open it.

Step 3) Click File. It’s the folder-shaped icon in the Sources window. Click on that icon.

Step 4)  Select a Video. Go to the location of the source file and select the video clip. Click on the video clip and Click Open it. It will open the video in Handbrake.

Step 5)  Select quality. On far-right side of this Handbrake window, click on one of the high quality and framerate presets (e.g., Very Fast 720p30) that matches your movie. Make sure you pick a preset that drops below or at your video’s present quality.

  • By way of instance, if your video’s present quality is 1080p, you would click on a 1080p alternative or lower;
  • When the video is 720p, you will click on a 720p option or more economical.
  • The Fast and Very Fast choices are best for compression.


Step  6)  Replace the document name at the centre of this Handbrake page using a new file name (e.g., [movie names] compressed).

It is also possible to pick a new save location by clicking Navigate, choosing a folder, manually entering a new file name if needed, and clicking on Conserve.

Step 7) Check the “Web Optimized” box. This box is in the middle of the Handbrake page. Doing so ensures that the video will be compressed using web standards.

Step 8)  Click the Video tab. It’s near the bottom of the Handbrake window.

Step 9) You should see the following settings on the Video tab if the settings do not match, you can modify them by clicking on the value of a setting and then choosing the correct option from the drop-down menu:

  • Video Codec – This should be “H.264 (x264)”.
  • Framerate (FPS) – This should be “30”.
  • Peak Framerate or Peak – This box should be checked.
  • Encoder Level or Level – This should be “4.0”.

Step 10)  Click Start Encoding. It is a green”Play” button near the peak of this Handbrake window.

Step 11) Wait for your video to finish compressing.

Method 2-Online Tools

Yes, you have heard correct you can also compress a video file with the help of online websites.

You can compress video online using a web browser with no software download and set up, Windows, Mac, and Linux are supported.

Save compressed video into  Google drive Dropbox and share on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc..

You can compress video online free from almost any resolution such as 4K, 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, 240p, along with other non-standard choices.

This method is very simple fresh, for them who want to compress a video very faster without taking so much time.

There are many online video compressor available on google. So here I am choosing Cloudconvert a great website which is generally used by many experts.

If You to Know more  Best Video Compressor, you can check by clicking


Cloud Convert Online Video Compressor



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