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123Movies was once one of the most popular and satisfying websites from which you could download a movie package whenever you wanted it. You can also view them online in case you need it.

It contained hundreds of films of various genres and also provided its clients with access to the most popular and current film of all time.

However, unfortunately, 123Movies has been close through the government because of the new rules and regulations. Then, everyone can no longer obtain the right of access to the site.

However, here, we will offer you some high-quality websites with 123Movies alternatives to help you experience all the great features that 123Movies had and could make sure you can download and watch your favorite movie on every occasion you need.

So get ready to study this newsletter, and we can also discuss the excellent functions of each opportunity for 123Movies

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123Movies Mirrors

Here’s a list of 123Movies mirrors. All mirrors listed below were accessible at the time of writing this article.

URL Status Speed SSL
https://www1.123moviesc.me/  Online Very Fast On
https://123movies.land/ Online Very Fast On
https://123movies.mx/ Online Very Fast On
https://www.123movies.club/ Online Very Fast On
https://www1.123movies.net/ Online Very Fast On
https://123movies.tax/ Online Very Fast On
https://www0.123movies.md/ Online Very Fast On
https://ww1.123movies.actor/ Online Very Fast On
http://www1.123movies.sc/ Online Very Fast On


When possible, use a mirror that established an encrypted SSL connection so that your internet service provider can’t monitor your activity.

Is 123Movies legal and safe?

The legitimacy of places like 123Movies and 123Movies is governed by local law, and each country is different in this regard. In some countries, broadcasting is entirely legal and not regulated in any way. However, other countries, such as the United States or Germany, do not authorize broadcasting.

If you want to make sure you are not breaking 100% of the rules, be sure to consult a legal expert in your country, or use the available resources to make an informed decision.

Remember that watching movies on 123Movies or similar sites in the comfort of your home is one thing, and using sites like 123Movies for business purposes is entirely different. The first one can hurt you, but the last one can put you in jail.

1. Yes! Films

Yes! Movies is one of the 123Movies’ leading similar websites, and thousands of users have already used it beforehand as 123Movies fans. It has an extensive database of all the famous films around the arena of each probably modern style available.

This 123Movies online website has a fast transmission rate, fewer classified ads to disturb, and a superior server response time. The improvement group also ensures that the site is updated regularly.

They are no longer the most effective movies; however, the most popular TV series are also available on this website. In case you want to read information about a film you have selected, you can find all that on the same site.

From IMDB ratings to the plot of the story, you will get all the content at no cost. Yes! Movies have become one of the most exciting websites, like 123Movies alternatives.

2. Vumoo

Vumoo is a list of 123Movies alternative sites of adequate quality and consumer-friendly, which have significant potential to help users download and stream exceptional, fantastic movies and television shows.

Your website has an interface comparable to Netflix. While compared to different sites in the same category, Vumoo offers a cleaner. and attractive website design and interface more fun to use.

Vumoo site updated regularly. Vumoo has been able to win thousands of users in recent months. On their homepage, users could see the New versions, currently introduced, simplified this week, and many of those categories. The registration and registration process is quite simple and does not imply any cash cost.

3. ShowBox

While 123Movies closed, ShowBox turned out to be a promising website that looks a lot like 123Movies. With a relatively smooth and reliable person interface, with which it is easy to get acquainted, ShowBox offered users movies and TV shows of all time, including all the latest ones.

ShowBox hosts super servers that allow the user to download a movie or watch it online with the same precision. The application has individual sections for several genres, and the user can discover their alternatives by touching the filter option. All types of movies are available this time for 123Movies.

From the sliding menu on the left, customers can attend private lessons such as movies, TV shows, news, and even watch the progress of their current films here.

The app is also available for Android devices, and customers can access their content materials and the database from their phones in the same way. ShowBox has established itself as extraordinary fame due to the excessive speed of the torrent.

4. VexMovies

VexMovies is a simple and convenient alternative to 123Movies, which allows you to download your favorite movies easily. The site design is effortless, and customers quickly get used to the graphical user interface.

One of the distinguishing features of this site is that it does not contain any advertising and, accordingly, will not interfere with pop-up advertising without interruption.

123Movies and VexMovies let you watch or download your favorite movies or TV shows in 1080p, 720p, and even 480p resolutions depending on the speed of your network. This is an active website that ensures that users get the best experience. This application has similar ideas with all the popular devices on the market: iPhone, iPad, or even Android devices. So if you need to watch your favorite movies, that’s it.

5. Netter movies

The next site where you can watch and download your favorite movies and TV shows is Niter Movies. You can easily see all your favorite movies, including previous and current films. The website also helps with an exceptional resolution for streaming movies from 1080p with high resolution to 480p.

On the main page, users will receive a category of recently delivered films, with which they can find the movies that are currently released. The site does not contain ads, so you will not see ads on the screen while viewing the site.

With an extensive database and a wide range of films of various genres, Niter Movies will genuinely amaze you. These are the best alternative 123movies sites.

6. Sony kicker

Sony Crackle is an excellent site for 123movies and alternatives you can use. The site has a flexible but excellent page from which you can easily watch all your favorite films. Sony Crackle offers users various resolution modes, so watching movies or TV shows can be interesting for the user on this site.

Almost all categories of films are covered on this site, and it will not be difficult for you to find the category that suits you. Supports 123Movies, which is similar to Android and iOS devices, and you can watch it on Smart TV in the same way.

However, Sony Crackle has some critical updates in the form before it became a free streaming video site, available and available in 2019. However, this is an excellent option to fight. These are the best alternative 123movies sites …

7. Movie25.Me

As an alternative to 123 films, film 25. Currently, I have more than 7500 films of various genres from around the world. However, before you can access the content that you must have on this site, you must create an account to check your movements and originality.

It takes a few seconds before you can start using the site. Movie25.It is an ad-free platform, and therefore users do not have the bulky ads that appear even when they watch their favorite movies.

Unique clips, such as the best qualifications currently offered, loved by all time, etc., Allow customers to discover a new genre of films and see some of the best films ever made.

You may be glad to understand that this is not only Movie25 now. I have Hollywood films, but she also hosts several hundred Bollywood films. These are the best alternative 123movies sites …

8. Watch for free

As the name suggests, Free Watch is an online platform where customers can watch their favorite movies and TV shows for free. This is a brand new website that is currently in its initial scope and therefore requires extensive updates.

However, this webpage is comparable to 123 movies, and its friendly user interface and accurate server response time allow you to watch movies freely, which has impressed many people.

Customers can watch movies in 1080 Full HD or even 480p. The clock is not fixed and now does not have its database; however, it provides users with links to movies hosted on several different websites, where you can watch them for free.

As a result, you can get a lot of hyperlinks and movie resources, and if one of them doesn’t currently work, you should pay attention to these hyperlinks and movie resources. These are the best 123movies alternative sites …


So this is a unique option for 123Movies, and if users want to broadcast or download their favourite movies and TV shows, they can access it from now on. Most of these similar 123Movies sites have been tested and used by my team and are therefore safe to use.

Although some popular websites have been banned before, these sites on this list provide users with other great opportunities to enjoy their movies and make them available for free.

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